The Waterwise Aerator

The Aerator comes in both 3.1kW and 5.9kW systems, and is the core technology of advanced engineering through fluid transfer solutions in water treatment systems.
The Waterwise Aerator can aerate, transfer oxygen and/or mix all types of liquids.
The original purpose of the Waterwise Aerators was to accelerate the process of breaking down bacterial pathogens in the traditional method utilising a low cost low maintenance regime. The main improvement being the increased air and water intakes and blending/mixing, which would significantly add to this method of breakdown.

The use of a submersible pump into a collector manifold as opposed to a gear box method of operation was the break-through innovation with these aerators. Also the strategic use of venturi’s to assist in the blending/mixing of the air and water was yet another innovation which was tested and proved successful.

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