Effective Weed Control in Farming Applications

  • Vital For Healthy Returns On Crops
  • Global herbicide resistance continues to rise
  • US, Australia & Canada most impacted
  • Many areas are now requiring additional or alternative management tools for satisfactory control
  • Glyphosate resistance has been confirmed in 24 weed species worldwide
  • Glyphosate resistance increases where there has been intensive use of glyphosate
  • Growers are often forced to turn to less effective and flexible herbicide options
  • The total amount of herbicide discovery research industrywide has declined

What is Glyphosate Herbicide?

  • World’s most widely used broad – spectrum herbicide
  • 2015 The World Health Organization (WHO) concludes that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans”
  • Globally, governments reviewing regulatory approval of glyphosate based herbicides
  • Banned in numerous countries
  • Substantial pressure on governments to regulate or ban from:
    – Media (Mainstream & Social)
    – Consumers
  • Resistance developing thereby limiting effectiveness

What is our alternative?

FarmSafe Weed Terminator

Proven, Powerful and Safe

  • Non selective herbicide controlling many annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses through desiccation
  • Glyphosate-free
  • High performance
  • Rapid visible results
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Cost competitive

Can be used for commercial and large scale agriculture.

People, pet and environment safe.

Interested in using an alternative weedkiller to Glyphosate? Contact us today for more information on FarmSafe Weed Terminator, the safer alternative.